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U School

What does a school look like when every element of learning is centered on design thinking? Check out the U School in Philadelphia.

Calculus That Excites

Jonathan Winn did the impossible: made his AP calculus class the most popular course at the Crawford High Educational Complex. See how in this blog post and video.

Classroom Magic

Learn how former teacher and science advocate Christopher Emdin connects the magic of teaching with the real lives of students in this engaging TED Talk.

3-D Science Learning

University of Michigan professor Joseph Krajcik and science teacher Kristin Mayer explain how the Next Generation Science Standards enable three-dimensional learning, or learning by making sense of phenomena and solving problems.

Student-engaged Assessment

Can students be authentically engaged in assessing their own work and giving constructive feedback to their peers? This video from Expeditionary Learning shows how they can.

Big History

Check out this totally unique course supported by Bill Gates, which spans history, physics, astronomy, and other disparate fields to weave one coherent narrative about the history of the earth.

Cyberflora at the MIT Media Lab

See how the MIT Media Lab gets kids excited about coding in this Boston Business Journal slideshow.

Inspiration from the Museum of Math

How does a museum make math really engaging? Read this New Yorker article about the journey of creating the Museum of Math in New York City, designed to make math fun for kids.

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Creating innovative learning experiences is no easy task. And designing these experiences for students is the only way to help them build mastery of high-level knowledge and skills for the future.

Here are some pointers to help you and your team create powerful, engaging, deep learning experiences.

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